Demantoid Rose-cut Diamond Unheated Pink & Blue Sapphire Fancy Pink Diamond Pave Mosaic Ring

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One of a kind Ring In Sparkling Subdued Colours Handmade in Belgium,  no casting or printing envolved, in 18K Yellow gold 5 g. & blackened sterling silver 1.1 g. (The stones are set on silver to create a black background for the stones).

Pave set with :
4 X GHVS Rose-cut diamonds 0,40 ct.,
5 X light pink rose-cut Unheated Pink Sapphires from Madagascar 0,60 ct.,
6 X Demantoid Garnet from Madagascar 0,21 ct.,
4 X unheated Blue brilliant-cut Sapphires from Madagascar 0.07 ct.
15 X Fancy Pink brilliant-cut diamonds 0,08 ct.
Total carat diamonds: 0.48 carat.
Total carat gemstones: 0.88 carat.

99% of natural sapphires in the market are heated in order to improve their colour.
A small percentage of gemstones has naturally an extraordinary colour and therefore does not require any heat treatment. These gemstones are very rare.

Demantoid Garnet is the rarest of all the garnet varieties, and is valued by collectors for its exceptional brilliance and fire.
Demantoid was discovered in Russia in the early 19th century. In 1854, the noted mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld identified this gem as a variety of andradite garnet. These stones had such exceptional brilliance and dispersion or “fire” that they inspired Nordenskiöld to name demantoid after its “diamond-like” appearance.
In fact, this garnet has greater brilliance and a higher dispersion than its diamond namesake as well as other well-known green gemstones, such as emerald and peridot. Although dark body colors can mask their dispersion, small demantoids with light colors are quite dazzling.
Demantoid was a popular gemstone during the Belle Époque period (1890-1915), especially in Art Nouveau jewelry. The Russian Czars particularly favored this gem.
Even with the discovery of new sources since the 1990s, demantoid remains very rare.

Size 53 / US 6,5 . ( the size on measuring tool is 52 / US 6 but this feels as a 53/ US 6.5 ). This ring can be resized. Joke Quick offers free resizing, this will take a few days extra handling time.
Dimensons oval 21,4 X 11,5 mm. ( 0.842 X 0.452 inch )


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