Padparadscha sapphire Cognac Rose-cut Diamond Pink Diamond Pendant Necklace



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One of a kind Pendant with necklace handmade ( no casting involved) in Belgium in 18K yellow gold 4.7 g pave set with 8 unheated Padparadscha sapphires from Madagascar 0,40 ct., 4 X Fancy Cognac rose-cut diamonds 0,34 ct., 8 X Fancy Pink brilliant-cut diamonds 0,04 ct. Neclace length : 16,535 inches, extra closure at 16.5 inch. ( 42 cm , an extra closure at 38,5 cm)
Named after the lotus blossom, the orangey-pink Padparadscha sapphire is highly coveted amongst gemstone connoisseurs. These striking sapphires are a special member of the corundum family, rare in their optimal color because they are a delicate blend of pink and orange, which rarely occurs in nature.
In the market, almost 95% of the Sapphires are heat treated, these bright Padparadscha Sapphires are natural and unheated.
The video was made in natural daylight.


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