Rose Gold 0.99 Carat Diamond, Pink Spinel and No Heat Sapphire Drop Pave Set Earrings

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These one of a kind earrings in rose gold,  showcase  a stunning mosaic of inverted brown diamonds, Brown diamond centerstones, pink spinels, no heat blue sapphires and white diamonds.

The earrings are expertly handcrafted without casting or printing and  pave set with:

2 X brown brilliant-cut diamonds 0.62 ct,
8 X brown inverted brilliant-cut diamonds 0.29 ct,
14 X DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds 0.08 ct,
8 X Intense Pink Spinel from Burma : 0.18 ct.
6 X no heat blue sapphire from Burma : 0.13 ct.

18K Rose gold 4.26 g.
Total carat diamonds: 0.99 carat.
Total carat Gemstones: 0.31 ct.
Total carat: 1.3 ct.
Total weight : 4.52 g

length hook included : 23.89 mm / 0.940 inch
length pearshape: 14.27 mm / 0.562 inch
width: 9.08 mm / 0.358 inch

The signature touch of Joke Quick’s jewellery designs shines through in the distinctive “mosaic setting”, where diamonds and gemstones are meticulously placed in such proximity that they form a seamless and breathtaking mosaic pattern.


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