Unheated Burmese Blue Sapphire Diamond Mosaic Ring



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99% of Natural Sapphires in the market are heated in order to improve their colour.
A small percentage of gemstones has naturally an extraordinary colour and therefore does not require any heat treatment. These gemstones are very rare. Heating a sapphire at high temperatures specifically dissolves inclusions known as “silk”
These highly reflective rutile needles scatter light within a cut sapphire, helping to illuminate a stone’s darker facets and enhance its brilliance.

This Bright Pastel Blue Piece is a One of a kind ‘Starstruck’ ring handmade in Belgium, in 18K Yellow gold 4.2 g & blackened sterling silver 1.3 gram (The stones are set on silver to create a black background for the stones.) This Ring is Handmade the traditional way, no casting or printing is envolved.

This ring is a unique piece and is Mosaic set with Unheated Burmese Blue Sapphires, Unheated Blue Rose-cut Sapphires from Sri Lanka and white DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds.

Size EU 53 US 6.5. ( fits best a ringsize 54 US 6 3/4 ) This ring can be resized. Joke Quick offers free resizing, this will take a few days extra handling time. Please contact me for sizing advice. Dimensions oval 15.35 x 12.34 mm. ( 0.604 X 0.48 inch )

23 X Unheated Brilliant-cut Blue Sapphires from Burma : 0.455 carat
4 X Unheated Rose-cut Blue Sapphires from Sri lanka : 0.50 carat
11 X White DEGVVS Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.05 ct.


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