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As a father and son, Eugen and Florin have been in the jewellery engraving business for more than 50 years.  Inscriptions are a wonderful way to personalise your jewellery.   Whether it’s a date, a meaningful phrase, or even a small image, inscriptions make the piece special to the wearer.  Many of these can be done by a machine or laser engraving, but you can decide to really go out of your way to get a hand-engraved inscription.

Hand Engraving

The oldest and most laborious method, hand-engraving is performed by a skilled artisan and a small engraving tool. Since the work is done by a human, the engraving may not be as exact as a computer-controlled engraving, but many people opt for hand-engraving because of its old-world charm and craftsmanship value. It is easily the most expensive option out of the three engraving methods because of how time-consuming it can be.

Rotary Machine Engraving

This engraving method uses a tool that is controlled by a machine to create the engraving. The design is pre-programmed into a computer that controls the machine, making the engraving as precise as possible. Rotary machine engraving is more affordable than hand- or laser engraving because it takes comparatively less time.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the most modern and adaptable engraving method. A highly concentrated laser beam is used to perform the engraving, and the thickness of the beam can be adjusted to increase or decrease the overall width of the engraving. The laser can also be strengthened to carve more deeply into the base material, which improves the texture of the engraving.

Over Florin & Eugen

Hand, machine and laser engraving.


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