The endless emerald green colour speaks to the imagination and is certainly the most beautiful and intense green ever created by nature.

Before, the art to recognize and identify precious gemstones was not an easy task. Only some privileged gemstone connoisseurs had the chance to practice it.

A legend of Indian origin says that the diamond is the superior defender and is the sign of virility, wisdom, and other virtues.

Which symbol of love could be more iconic than a heart-shaped diamond? Diamonds cut in the form of a heart are certainly not a modern trend because a lot of beautiful heart-shaped diamonds from the past are telling a passionate story.

As far as we know, the diamonds were first mined in the East. It was in India that diamonds in jewellery were first revealed as the Indian lapidaries were skilful to facet diamonds.

Who can look into an opal without seeing the rainbow? The Opal is a semi-precious stone which combines all colours at once and could be divided into different categories.

Jewellery grows on you, becomes part of you. Make sure you take care of your rings and pendants in the proper way. Let me help you.

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