Jewellery Polisher Marc Ennekens


A Jewellery Polisher is a specialist metalsmith who has perfected the technique of putting a finish onto the surface of the metal using a variety of polishing, finishing, buffing and plating techniques.

It takes practice and years of experience to learn to polish and finish precious metal to a high standard.

Marc Ennekens and his team are exceptional polishers, who are patient and have developed the skills to understand how objects are made and finished. It takes skill to polish an item without changing its unique character. Every designer or silversmith has their own way of finishing a piece, and Marc takes the time to grasp the essence of their work.

Marc & his team make your jewellery shine and sparkle better than anything else.

About Marc Ennekens

Jewellery Polisher


Marc Ennekens‚Äč

2018 Antwerpen



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