Who is Joke Quick?

Inspired by my grandfather, a jeweler and diamond dealer, creation runs in my veins. With over 25 years in the craft, my sole focus is perfecting the art of jewelry. It did not start with the collection of my grandfather. It started way earlier. I look differently at the world, and it reflects in my work. That’s where everything starts. I want to create. I need to create. I look at the diamonds, and I know what they need to shine and to become even more mesmerizing.

Our Craftsmanship

That’s why I had an artistic formation at Saint Lukas, followed by a technical training in gold smithery and gemstone setting at the Nijverheidsschool in Antwerp. In 2015, I received the authenticity label “Handmade in Belgium”. Now my creations are sold and appreciated all over the world. I collaborate with experienced craftsmen from Antwerp, each skilled in their respective fields, ensuring that every piece we craft meets the highest standards of quality and artistry.

Ethical Practices

Our commitment at Joke Quick to ethical practices is woven deeply into our operations. We believe in supporting our craftsmen and suppliers fairly, ensuring they are compensated in a way that reflects their skill and dedication. This often means adjusting our own returns to do what’s right.

Beyond our studio, we support the community of Ilakaka, Madagascar, aiding in the construction of infrastructure and provision of essentials, which significantly improves the lives around the gemstone mines.

As a member of Soroptimist, I engage in a wide range of activities aimed at improving the lives of women and girls. 

This advocacy influences our ethos at Joke Quick, fostering a culture of responsibility and transparency in every aspect of our work. We are dedicated to a journey of openness, sharing our progress and continuing to learn.

Sustainability and Authenticity

In a world where sustainability can sometimes be a trendy term, we stand for authenticity. We refuse to participate in “greenwashing” and strive to maintain the true essence of sustainability in every creation.

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Join us as we craft beauty with conscience and wear it with pride.

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