Joke Quick?

I am a creator by necessity. It’s not in my blood. It’s in the way I look at the world. After more than 20 years, I can safely say that I have no other ambition in this world than to make the perfect piece of jewellery. Beautifully crafted ornaments that reflect the world in my head. 

It did not start with the collection of my grandfather. It started way earlier. I look differently at the world, and it reflects in my work. That’s where everything starts. I want to create. I need to create. I look at the diamonds, and I know what they need, to shine and to become even more mesmerizing.

That’s why I had an artistic formation at Saint Lukas, followed by a technical training in gold smithery and gemstone setting at the Nijverheidsschool in Antwerp. In 2015 I received the authenticity label “Handmade in Belgium”. Now my creations are sold and appreciated all over the world.

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