18K White Gold 2,10 Carat Fancy White Diamond Pave Cocktail Ring



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Unveil the beauty of Belgian craftsmanship with this handmade white gold ring. This exceptional piece is carefully crafted with no casting or printing involved, featuring a striking center stone believed to be a fancy white diamond, though uncertified.

What makes it extraordinary is the surrounding array of diamonds, combining brilliant-cut diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, and upside-down set brilliant-cut diamonds.

This design creates a remarkable texture and a subtle spectrum of whites, offering an intriguing visual appeal. This ring isn’t just jewelry.

18K white gold 11 g .
(Fancy White ) Brilliant-cut Diamond center stone P1 : 2,10 Ct.
White brilliant-cut diamonds DEGVVS 2.085 ct.
white GHVS rose-cut diamonds 0.35 ct..

Total Carat diamonds: 4.535 ct.
Total weight: 11.87 g

Fancy white diamonds with an opalescent effect are rare and captivating. They showcase a color play reminiscent of the way colors dance within an opal, displaying a unique shift in hue when viewed from different perspectives. This distinctive feature, combined with a diamond’s natural brilliance and strength, creates a gem that’s both traditional and uniquely enchanting.

Dimension head of the ring : width : 18 mm/ 0.709 inch
hight: 6,30 mm/ 0.248 inch

size EU 52,5 US 6,25. This ring can be resized. Joke Quick offers free resizing, this will take a few days extra handling time.


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