Chrysoberyl Intense Pink Spinel Unheated Blue Sapphire Canary Yellow & Green Diamond Charm Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings with removable charms handmade in Belgium, in solid 18K white, Yellow and Rose gold and handmade the traditional way ( no casting or printing involved ).
The hoop earrings are made in 18K White gold and are set with White DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds.
Both charms are set with a Chrysoberyl centerstone and a Canary Yellow & Green Diamond Halo on Yellow gold, Intense Pink Spinels are are set on a Rose Gold Halo and Unheated Blue Sapphires are set on a Black Rodiumplated White Gold link. Alpha back safety pousette.

18K Rose, Yellow & White Gold 7 g ( charm weight: 2.1 g)
2 X Chrysoberyl : 1.22 ct.
28 X Intense Pink Burmese Spinel : 0.215 ct.
10 X Unheated Burmese Blue Sapphires : 0.08 ct.
24 X White DEGVVS Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.18 ct.
26 X Fancy Canary Yellow Brilliant-cut diamonds: 0.20 ct.
6 X Fancy Olive Green Brilliant-cut diamonds: 0.045 ct.

The outer diameter of the hoop earrings is: 11.75mm / 0,46inch , the round wire has a diameter of 1.7 mm / 0.067 inch
Length of the charm hoop earring included is : 25.60 mm / 1.009 inch

Discovered in Russia at the end of the 18th century, chrysoberyl is one of the most sublime yellow gemstones ever found – a hidden beauty among gems. Its golden lemony-lime color is colored by iron. The Chrysoberyl stones which are set in this ring exhibit a bit of a color change, exhibiting a green tone in daylight and yellow tones in full sunlight or spotlight. Chrysoberyl is one of the most durable gemstones and is exceeded in hardness only by Diamonds and Corundum. While perhaps best knownfor its varieties of cat’s eye and alexandrite, chrysoberyl is itself exceptional and stands out due to its unique color.

99% of natural sapphires in the market are heated in order to improve their colour.
A small percentage of gemstones has naturally an extraordinary colour and therefore does not require any heat treatment. These gemstones are very rare.


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