Colorchanging Alexandrite Unheated Purplish Pink sapphire White Diamond Pave Ring

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Discover the beauty and precision of Belgian craftsmanship in this Alexandrite, unheated Sapphire and Diamond ring.

At the heart of this ring, Created entirely by hand without any casting or printing techniques, are carefully selected, genuine cushion and round cut Alexandrite stones from Brazil, renowned for their rarity and unique color-changing properties. These natural gemstones are complemented by unheated, purplish-pink sapphires, chosen for their natural beauty and subtle hue variations.

Each stone is meticulously pave set, placed extremely close to one another to create a seamless and dazzling array of gems.
The setting of these stones on a blackened silver base creates a contrasting dark background, enhancing the colors of each gemstone.

18K Yellow gold : 9.9 g
925 sterling silver : 2.2 g
7 X Cushion cut Alexandrite from Brazil : 0.67 ct.
13 X Round cut Alexandrite from Brazil : 0.29 ct.
10 X Unheated Purplish Pink Sapphire : 1.90 ct.
30 X Natural white DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds: 0.59 ct.

Total carat diamonds: 0.59 ct.
Total carat Gemstones: 2.86 ct.
Total carat: 3.45 ct.
Total weight : 12.8 g

Size EU 53 US 6.5 ( fits best ringsize 54 , US 6 3/4 ). This ring can be resized. Joke Quick offers free resizing, this will take a few days extra handling time. Please contact me for sizing advice.

Dimensons oval : 22.6 x 17.3 mm. ( 0.890 X 0.680 inch )

Alexandrite is considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Its scarcity, combined with the allure of its color change, makes it highly sought after by collectors, jewelers, and gem enthusiasts.

Unheated sapphires are a rare gem in the world of precious stones, prized for their natural beauty and untouched purity. Most sapphires undergo heat treatment to enhance their color and clarity, but those that retain their natural state without any thermal enhancement are scarce. These unheated sapphires often display unique hues and exceptional clarity that are highly valued by collectors and connoisseurs. Their rarity is due to the infrequent occurrence of sapphires in nature that possess such desirable qualities without any human intervention, making them a true treasure of the earth.


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