Mismatched 2.88 ct. Rose-cut Yellow Pink Blue White Diamond Charm Halo Earrings

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Mismatched Hoop earrings with removable charms handmade in Belgium, in solid 18K Yellow, Rose & White gold and handmade the traditional way ( no casting or printing involved ).
One of the two hoop earrings is made in white gold and set with White DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds, the other one is in Rose gold and set with Fancy Pink brilliant-cut diamonds. One charm is set with a 1.53 carat Pear Shape Rose-ut diamond VS Fancy Yellow Centerstone and a Fancy Yellow and Fancy Blue Diamond Halo and a DEGVVS White diamond link. The other charm is set with a 1.35 carat Pear Shape Rose-cut diamond VS Fancy Yellow Centerstone and a Fancy yellow and Fancy Pink Diamond Halo and a Fancy blue diamond link.  Alpha back safety pousette. The charm can be exchanged by other charms and they are also available per piece. Please contact me for custom enquiries.

18K Yellow, Rose & White Gold 7.8 g ( charm weight: 2.6 g)
VS Fancy Yellow pear shape rose-cut diamonds 2 pieces = 2.88 ct.
White DEGVVS Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.14 ct.
Fancy Yellow brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.39 ct.
Fancy Pink brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.20 ct.
Fancy Blue brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.14 ct.
The outer diameter of the hoop earrings is: 11.75mm / 0,46inch , the round wire has a diameter of 1.7 mm / 0.067 inch
Length of the charm hoop earring included is : 32.10 mm / 1.264 inch


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