Purple Sapphire Paraiba Tourmaline Demantoid Diamond Pendant Necklace



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This extraordinary fine jewellery pendant with necklace  features a mesmerizing mosaic of purple sapphires, Paraïba tourmalines, demantoid garnets, and white diamonds, meticulously set in a pave design.

Each stone is placed with precision, creating a breathtaking display of brilliance. Handcrafted in Belgium without casting or printing, this pendant embodies the utmost attention to detail and luxury. Make a statement with this exceptional piece that exudes elegance and timeless beauty.

18K White gold 3.6 g
3 X Purple Sapphires : 0.51 ct.
3 X Paraïba Tourmaline from Brazil : 0,04 ct.
3 X Demantoid Garnet from Madagascar : 0,07 ct.
22 X natural white DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds 0,125 ct.
Total weight : 3.78 g

Necklace length : 16,377 inches, extra closure at 15 inches. ( 41.6 cm, extra closure at 38.2 cm)
Dimension tear drop shape: length: 0.584 inches, width : 0.354 inches ( length: 14,8 mm width : 9 mm )


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