Colombian Emerald Mahenge Pink Spinel Diamond Pave Charm Earrings

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Muzo Colombian Emerald Mahenge Spinel White Diamond Charm Earrings – A Belgian Handmade Masterpiece with Alpha Back Safety Closure.

Crafted in Belgium with the highest precision and dedication to quality, each gemstone in these earrings represents our commitment to excellence.

The alluring charms are pave-set with Fancy Shape Mahenge spinel stones, distinguished by their captivating color and exceptional sparkle.
These are harmoniously paired with vivid Colombian emeralds. The brilliance of these gems is further enhanced by the sparkling of expertly pave-set white diamonds.

These earrings feature a detachable charm, allowing you to switch the charms to suit various occasions and styles.
To enhance the functionality and security of these earrings, Joke Quick has incorporated an alpha back safety closure. This feature not only provides additional security but also ensures a comfortable fit, making these earrings suitable for extended wear.

18K White Gold 15 g ( and a tiny rose gold detail )
10 X Fancy shape Mahenge Spinel : 1.23 ct.
12 X Colombian Emerald from Muzo : 0,66 ct.
50 X White DEGVVS Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.4 ct.

Hoop earrings :
18K White Gold 2.6 g
24 X White DEGVVS Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.20 ct.

The outer diameter of the hoop earrings is: 11.75mm / 0,46inch , the round wire has a diameter of 1.7 mm / 0.067 inch
Length of the charm hoop earring included is : 28,9 mm / 1.138 inch. Width : 14.4 mm / 0.566 inch

Total carat gemstones: 1.89 ct.
Total carat diamonds : 0.60 ct.
Total weight : 18.33 g

On request this set is available with an enhancer bail, presenting the option to adorn these charms as a pendant.


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