Handmade Mismatched Brown Pink White Diamond Hoop Earrings With Charm

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Mismatched Hoop earrings handmade in Belgium, in solid 18K Rose & white gold and handmade the traditional way ( no casting or printing involved ).
One of the two rose gold hoop earrings is set with Fancy Chocolate pink brilliant-cut diamonds. The charm is set with a Fancy Brown brilliant-cut diamond from Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine ( which will close next year) and a Fancy Chocolate Pink and White DEGVVS brilliant-cut Diamond Halo. Alpha back safety pousette. The charm can be exchanged by other charms and they are also available per piece. Please contact me for a custom enquiry.

18K Rose & White Gold 4.1 g ( charm weight: 1.3 g)
Argyle Fancy Brown brilliant-cut diamond : 0.38 ct.
Fancy Chocolate Pink Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.23 ct.
White DEGVVS Brilliant-cut diamonds : 0.085 ct.

The diameter of the hoop earrings is: 11.75mm / 0,46inch
Length of the charm hoop earring included is : 21.7 mm / 0.85 inch



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