Muzo Emerald Colourchanging Alexandrite Diamond Pave Ring

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Discover elegance redefined with our 18K Yellow Gold Ring, a marvel of exquisite craftsmanship,
Joke Quick’s creations are entirely handcrafted in Belgium, avoiding any casting or printing techniques.

This ring features an enchanting array of lush green Muzo Colombian Emeralds paired with the mesmerizing magic of color-changing alexandrite.

Designed to hug your finger’s contour, this ring offers unparalleled comfort.

18K Yellow gold 7.3 g
8 X Muzo Colombian Emeralds : 0.56 ct.
4 X Colombian Emerald Cabochons : 0.22 ct.
15 X Colourchanging Alexandrite from Brazil : 0.39 ct.
28 X white DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds: 0.11 ct.

Total carat diamonds: 0.11 ct.
Total carat Gemstones: 1.17 ct.
Total carat: 1.28 ct.
Total weight : 7.52 g

Size EU 54 US 6 3/4 ( fits best ringsize 55 , US 7.2 ). This ring can be resized. Joke Quick offers free resizing, this will take a few days extra handling time. Please contact me for sizing advice.
Dimensons oval pave 20.93 x 10.8 mm. ( 0.824 X 0.425 inch )

About Alexandrite Gemstones:

Alexandrite is a captivating gemstone known for its unique optical property of changing color under different lighting conditions. In daylight, it showcases a lush bluegreen. However, under incandescent light, it transforms into a purplish-grey and turns blue under led light. Its rarity makes it a cherished stone among collectors and connoisseurs.

This exquisite product comes from Joke Quick, a jewellery designer and master of both colour and contrast. All of Joke’s pieces feature stylish, original gemstone combinations, and precious metals.


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