Padparadscha Sapphire Pink Spinel Diamond Pave Ring

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Embraced by the warm hues of rose gold, this ring is a celebration of pink at its finest. It features the rare Padparadscha sapphires, rare vibrant pink spinels, and delicate diamonds, all set in a close-knit mosaic that radiates unity and elegance.

Handcrafted in Belgium,  without any casting or printing, this unique piece is set in sumptuous rose gold. Each gem is handpicked and pave set, creating a breathtaking mosaic of natural beauty.

The distinctive feature of this remarkable ring lies in it’s comfortable fit because of its flat curved design that contours seamlessly around the finger.

18K Rose gold 3.86 g
3 X Padparadscha Sapphire: 0.43 ct.
3 X Intense Pink Spinel from Burma : 0.02 ct.
6 X white DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds: 0.025 ct.

Total carat diamonds: 0.025 ct.
Total carat Gemstones: 0.45 ct.
Total carat: 0.475 ct.
Total weight : 3.96 g

Size EU 53 US 6.5 ( fits best ringsize 54 , US 6 3/4 ). This ring can be resized. Joke Quick offers free resizing, this will take a few days extra handling time.
Dimensons oval : 9.5 x 8.22 mm. ( 0.375 X 0.323 inch )
Please contact me for sizing advice.


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