Platinum 0.44 Carat Diamond Pave Eternity Earcuff Earring

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Introducing our exquisite Earcuff Pave Set with DEGVVS Brilliant-Cut Diamonds Eternity Set, weighing in at 0.44 carats and crafted from luxurious Platinum.

Handmade with precision by skilled craftsmen in Antwerp, Belgium, this piece is a true representation of fine jewellery.

The earcuff is elegantly designed to wrap around your ear and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The DEGVVS diamonds, known for their superior quality and brilliance, are meticulously pave-set to create a breathtaking sparkle.
This earcuff is perfect for special occasions, but versatile enough for everyday wear.

Platinum 2.2 gram.
22 X White DEGVVS brilliant-cut diamonds: 0.44 carat.

Dimensions outer diameter: 14.55 mm. / 0.572 inch

Our Earcuff Pave Set with DEGVVS Brilliant-Cut Diamonds Eternity Set is designed to be one size fits all for women, providing a comfortable and secure fit for any ear size.


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